Contract manufacturing Capabilities and Services

Over Six decades of Experience and Excellence to meet your Manufacturing needs.

With more than Sixty years of pharmaceutical manufacturing experience, our parent company Cadila Pharmaceuticals, India is the reliable choice for manufacturing of your valuable products. Our manufacturing sites at Dholka, Ankleshwar and Jammu in India and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia has most stringent International approvals viz. TGA – Australia, TFDA- Tanzania, MHRA UK, Bulgarian Drug Agency – Bulgaria, Marketing, MSF International – Belgium, MCC, South Africa, NDA- Uganda, WHO Geneva, Pharmacy Board – United Republic of Tanzania, MCAZ – Zimbabwe, DACA – Ethiopia, MOH –Egypt, EU-GMP certification from State Pharmaceutical Inspection of Republic of Latvia And MOH – Botswana.

We use a collaborative approach to planning and execution, customizing our process to meet your requirements. This partnership approach helps to assure a smooth process from start to finish.

Our manufacturing range offers comprehensive solution for your desired dosage forms and quantity for your products including tablets, Capsules, Granules, Injectible (Ampoules and Vials), Liquids and Dry Powder (Syrup and Powder vials). We have huge installed capacities to meet the needs of our clients.

The Installed Capacities in million per annum

S.No. Dosage Form Units Installed Capacity Category
01 Tablets Mn. 3900.00 Non-ß Lactam
02 Capsules Mn. 150.00 Non-ß Lactam
03 Granules Tons 15.60 Non-ß Lactam
04 Inj. (vials) Mn. 84.00 Non-ß Lactam
05 Inj. (Ampoules) Mn. 84.00 Non-ß Lactam
06 Liquids KL 6000.00 Non-ß Lactam
07 Vial Mn. 6.0 Insulin
08 Tablets Mn. 300.00 ß Lactam
09 Capsules Mn. 540.00 ß Lactam
10 Dry Syrup Mn. 18.00 ß Lactam
11 Dry Powder-vials Mn. 24.00 ß Lactam
12 Tablets Mn. 120.00 Rifampicin
13 Capsules Mn. 60.00 Rifampicin

The salient features of our Contract manufacturing include :

  • Finished formulation and intermediate product manufacturing
  • Capacity and flexibility to produce required volume
  • Rigorous, proven and reproducible processes
  • International quality, regulatory and extensive supply chain management expertise
  • Strong corporate stability and access to experts company-wide
  • Full range of cGMP compliant manufacturing services for prescription and Pharmaceuticals
  • Systems automation for speed and product quality
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